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Here at Dundee and Angus College we are determined to give our learners much, much more than qualifications and technical skills. During your time with us we want to help you build up a whole series of personal skills that will make you different from the crowd – and very employable.

We are not content to simply offer a classroom experience – we can now give you the opportunity to access a whole lot of other life experience that will broaden your horizons and develop your creativity and enthusiasm.

Across all our subject areas we are offering a whole host of real life working opportunities – in retail, in theatre, in our pop-up shops, our famous vintage tearoom, our restaurants and salons, our massive fashion show, our sports facilities and a whole lot of other experiences. We want to focus on building up your soft skills, your interpersonal skills, and all the attributes that will make you successful in your work and personal life. In this College we call them the D&A Attributes and we think they are every bit as important as your certificates and diplomas. We know from talking to employers and in reports from business organisations that your personal skills are critical in shaping your career path and we want to help you make the most of them.

We want employers to know that employing students from D&A College means that they are getting someone with the D&A Attributes – someone who has a record of wider achievement beyond the classroom, someone with the skills and life experience to make a difference in the workplace. You can gain these opportunities from the Students’ Association through a number of different ways, from being Class or Lead Representative, to setting up and running clubs or societies, or simply helping out with setting up events. There are opportunities for everyone to be involved so contact us about volunteering opportunities today.

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