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The Elected Student Officers of Dundee & Angus College Students’ Associaiton include one full-time president and three part-time Vice Presidents who are specific to each of the three main campuses. Together, they form the Student Congress along with the Lead Representatives for each department across the college. Student Congress hold the Students’ Association accountable and promotes the voice of our students at Dundee & Angus College.

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Student President


I am delighted to have been re-elected as Student President again this year because I am so passionate about improving the student experience for all our students at Dundee and Angus College. Last year as President, I worked tirelessly to make sure that every voice, no matter how little, was listened to! I hope my passion and determination for positive change has shown you how serious I am about making Dundee and Angus College the best place for students to study!


I have a commitment and dedication to keeping students at the forefront of everything we do at the college. I promise to promote and support your voice across the College as a whole. My main aim is to bring people together! After all, what is a students’ association without the voice of the students?! I will listen to the students and make sure that you are involved as much as possible.


I like to be out and about all the campus’s interacting with you all, getting to know you and letting you get to know me, and I am not a person to be sat in an office! I would love to make us more of a community where you leave college feeling like you were part of something really special and valued as a student! We can change so much for the better if we work together and we are really making a difference together already!


With all of you behind me, we really could make Dundee & Angus College the best place to study for students no matter what your background! My office door is open for you anytime even if it is just for a chat and a cup of tea.


Don’t be afraid to come and say hello, I love to see new faces! I want every single person to feel included, it’s the D&A way!






Student Assocation Vice President for Arbroath Campus

Amy has studied in the Hair, Beauty and Complementary Therapies at the  Arbroath Campus before being re-elected into her role last year. Amy will continue to study this year as she carries out her part-time role.

My name is Amy Monks, I am a single mum of two, I love cups of tea and can usually be found covered in glitter/paint. I've been a student at Dundee and Angus College for 3 years, studying in the Hair and Beauty department at the Arbroath Campus. I have one year left of my studies and from there I want to become a lecturer. I have loved my time at college and feel passionate about students having a positive and valuable student experience. Having been involved with the Students’ Association for 2 years I know how big an effect our student voice has within the college and beyond. We take feedback, concerns and praises to the decision makers, those who shape our education and experiences here at D&A College. We look to resolve issues you are faced with, but to also shout about your successes and achievements. Our student body has people from many different backgrounds and cultures, with varying support needs and personalities. It is hugely important to me that we work continuously to be fully inclusive in providing what the students need, as individuals, as classes and as an entire college. Everyone is different but everyone's voice will be equally heard whether it is confidently spoken in a group, whispered in private conversation or handed to me on a scrap bit of paper. I plan to do this by asking questions, listening and being active in finding solutions. With my creative nature I like to find new and fun ways of engaging with students. I am very dedicated in my Vice President role and I will continue to be throughout my second year. My aims as Vice President are: • Make all students feel valued, safe and accepted for who they are while at college. • Work with the College and lecturers to ensure we each graduate knowing we have been delivered a quality education that will lead to employment/on-going education. • Organise and promote activities to help build confidence, support mental health and offer additional opportunities to add to our learning experience and our CV's. Contact:

Student Assocation Vice President for Gardyne Campus

We currently do not have a Vice President at the Gardyne Campus.  

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Student Assocation Assistant Kingsway Campus

Hi, I’m Crianne. I am a Beauty Therapist about to start studying level 3 Beauty Therapy. I’m a mum and a wife which I absolutely love because I’m very family orientated. I am looking forward to meeting loads of new people and seeing new faces around the Kingsway campus. I can’t wait to start helping all our students with anything big or small (nothing is too small!) and the door at the Students Association office, or my email (if you’re studying from home) will always be open to get in contact with me to ask any questions.

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