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Student Officers

The Elected Student Officers of Dundee & Angus College Students’ Associaiton include one full-time president and three part-time Vice Presidents who are specific to each of the three main campuses. Together, they form the Student Congress along with the Lead Representatives for each department across the college. Student Congress hold the Students’ Association accountable and promotes the voice of our students at Dundee & Angus College.


Student President

Sadly, this year our amazing, caring and outgoing President passed away at the age of 27 years old, he lived to make everyone happy and would go above and beyond to help anyone. Within five minutes of meeting Josh he was your friend for life. Josh Studied HND Engineering Systems at Kingsway Campus before winning his first President election in 2017. He would have been serving his second and final year in post at the Students’ Association this year. As Students’ Association President, he was committed to implementing changes where possible across Dundee & Angus College to the best of his ability to make college life more enjoyable, rewarding and a greater overall student experience.

In memory of Josh we will be holding a number of different Wellbeing and sporting events in his name to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing, Josh would want to help as many people as he could as that was the type of person he was. We will be working alongside the Sports Union to carry this on in his name and to make him proud!

Student Assocation Vice President for Arbroath Campus

Diane studied Introduction to Business Administration and IT at Arbroath Campus before being elected into her role this year. Diane will continue to study this year as she carries out her part-time role.

I have loved every moment of my time at the College because of the friendly dynamics that I have seen between the staff and their students. It is through this partnership that I know I can make a change to the STUDENT EXPERIENCE! Through my role as Class Representative last year, I have provided my whole class with a voice. I have promoted their thoughts, ideas and concerns to the Lead Representatives and directly to the SA President and SA Development Officer. As Vice President to the Students' Association, I promise to act as a genuine advocate for student interests and open constructive and fruitful conversations between the staff and students. Pop in and see me or say hello on your way past - the kettle is always on!

Student Assocation Vice President for Gardyne Campus

Conar studied HNC Accounting at Gardyne Campus before being re-elected into his role this year. This is his second and final year in the post as Vice President. Conar will continue to study this year as he carries out his part-time role.

My ambition is to help shape an engaging Student's Assocation to be proud of. An association that grants a budget to its Campaign Officers so that they can help to spread our messsages. An autonomous organisation held accountable only by Congress and the students they represent. Our association has grown so much over the past year and this year I strive to increase the Students' Association visibility. Do all I can to ensure that the students voice is heard loud and clear. Offer more social events for students to interact with our College. Provide students the enriched experience that they expect and deserve from their Student Association.

Student Assocation Vice President for Kingsway Campus

Kirsty studied NC Travel and Tourism at Kingsway Campus before being elected into her role this year. Kirsty will continue to study this year as she carries out her part-time role.

I am an avid volunteer and I have done more than 80 hours of volunteering at Kingsway last year! I was a class rep and a lead rep! I have already represented the students of Kingsway's feelings, thoughts and views in meetings with staff. I would be in College EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. DAY.(Trust me if I could come in on the weekend...I would). This year I hope to promote and assist with: Digital Ambassadors; Peer Support Group; Recycling Initiative; Good to Great Projects; and the Attributes Scheme. I want to better the student experience foe everyone, I will represent you and be a positive ambassador for the Kingsway Campus. Pop in anytime to see me at the office or come and have a chat if you see me out and about on the campus.

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