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Who Represents You?

Student representation is a vital part of the College experience. You are an expert in your own learning and it is essential that the student voice is included in all aspects of the decision making at the College. There are a number of ways that you can get involved which will give you an opportunity to really make a difference to the Student Experience at Dundee & Angus College.

Class Representatives

Class Reps are extremely important to the Students Association as they are our direct link to the students in the college. If there is important information to be passed on, we rely on our Class Reps to communicate this to the students in their class. Being a class representative is a great opportunity to shape your learning experience at college.

Each year every class in the college is asked to elected a class representative to actively engage with their fellow students and represent their thoughts and opinions. The Class Rep will be the voice for their class and report back to the Students’ Association on both issues and areas of good practice. The Class Rep will work closely with the Lead Representatives for their department passing on the views of other students and providing valuable feedback from their class to the Students’ Association and the College.

The Class Representative will work towards gaining the Work Ethic D&A Attribute as a reward for working with the Students’ Association this year.

Lead Representatives

The primary purpose of being a Lead Rep is to interact with the Class Reps in
your department and represent their views at departmental meetings with staff
from across that department and at monthly meetings at Student Congress with
the Students’ Association. The role is to represent the student voice at every
level of decision making about learning and teaching in your department or the College as a whole. You will be responsible for the running and operation of
drop in sessions to coincide with your timetable at the Students’ Association
offices at your campus of study and be available for all students across the
college to signpost and help with any issues that they may be facing. You will be responsible for reporting to the Vice President of your campus and will be in
regular contact with them throughout the academic year.

The Lead Representative will work towards gaining a number of different D&A Attribute as a reward for working with the Students’ Association this year. Some of our Lead Representatives went on to gain their Gold Award after gaining 9 or more Attributes last year. There will also be a chance for our Lead Representatives to gain additional training programmes throughout the year.


Student Elections

The student elections for 2020/2021 will be advertised from January 2021, this is an exciting opportunity for you to join the Students’ Association as either the President or Vice President! You will take part in a number of valuable experiences and skills in either of the roles. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing and want more information, watch out for the adverts or pop in and speak to Sarah Rennie, Students’ Association Development Officer.


Your Voice

Our Students’ association is the legally representative voice of students. Our Students’ Association aims to enable students to make their voices heard, and to take collective action to change and improve their student experience.

Our students’ associations are able to work as equal partners with our college, acting as critical friends, and enabling the college to develop robust quality and governance processes. Our Students’ Association will enable students to self-organise and speak in a representative, autonomous voice in discussions and decision making. The students’ association can introduce students to democratic activity and empower them to become active citizens both within the college and in the wider world. The students’ association can also come together to strengthen the student voice at a national level.

Being part of the students’ association will allow you to be a part of making changes to better the student experience here at Dundee & Angus College.

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